Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oso Blanco y Pachamama

This piece, Oso Blanco y Pachamama, is another joint creation with Jim Sanders, who also wrote an accompanying icaro (medicine song) for it. Our first was the Cosmic Tigger piece. In this instance Jim's teacher, renowned Asháninka healer Maestro Juan Flores, passed his vision of the White Bear and Mother Earth on to Jim in Peru in order that I might interpret it artistically.

In the realm of spirit I've experienced the inseparability of our song and art. Neither came first. They are one and the same and not so much creations of ours as they are a glimpse at Creation itself.

Happy Solstice...

Your mother made the mountain that got you there
High up in the air
White bear, white bear
You reach to the sky, you're ready to die
And the stars fall into you
And light up your hair, light up your hair
White bear

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