Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Stoned Siberian

Almost 20 years ago, in naive pursuit of artistic fortune and fame, I left for the west coast and ended up on the streets for a stint. Of the few things in my backpack, somehow one was the October '94 issue of National Geographic Magazine. Once I had a roof over my head again I got a wrist tattoo from the article on the 2,500 year old Siberian Ice Princess mummy (who's tattoos were preserved from the permafrost) to commemorate that time.

Today I learned they just discovered that breast cancer may have killed her and that the marijuana found in her pouch was possibly used to ease her symptoms. (National Geographic detailed much of what was found with her, but no mention of the pot, which possibly they hadn't examined yet.)

Frankly, her tattoo has fared better than mine over the years, but now I've adopted a new appreciation for it as a symbol of the proven power of ancient plant medicine. Here's hoping today's system will accept the science on medicinal marijuana and catch up to the past sooner than later.

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