Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hawk Shows The Moon

On June 6th I was in Selkirk, Manitoba with my family and a couple good friends. We had stopped in on the way back from a weekend of camping near the Sagkeeng First Nation.

It was a cloudless, sunny day and we were sitting on our blankets in a clearing. At one point I had an impulse to look up into the blue. As I did a Hawk immediately caught my eye and if not for the bird soaring right over my view of it, I would never have noticed the tiny sliver of waxing crescent Moon that was above us. After being shown this sight of beauty in the midday sky I tried to share it with the others, but - without Hawk to point it out - the sun and bright blue was too hard on the eyes to locate by themselves. Besides, they didn't seem terribly interested and quickly returned to the conversation I'd interrupted.

It was mine to admire... so I did.

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