Monday, March 29, 2010

Buttons Bunny

In the spirit of spring, this is an entry about renewal, which was the basis of a conversation I recently shared with a friend over some chai.

This visit took place a few weeks ago when the snow had first melted enough to reveal the seasons worth of litter that lied beneath it. My car was parked at her home and on our walk back as we raced through a break in the traffic of a busy, six-lane street we glanced down to notice a stuffed rabbit pancaked into the pavement; "the saddest bunny ever" we agreed.

Later, when we'd said goodbye and I was in my car, I returned to the intersection where he lied. The traffic had subsided, which suddenly gave me the idea to set forth on a rescue mission. He was worse than I imagined. Missing his eyes, stuffed with cotton saturated with motor oil and road salts, ripped at every seam and riddled with tiny holes throughout, I wasn't sure there was much that could be done for him. But, a couple weeks of pure intention and dedication and the tender, loving handiwork of my girlfriend... the rabbit was reborn. As a symbol of hope, possibility and renewal, we gifted it to the friend I'd visited as a gesture of encouragement.

"Hard as the world may appear, dark as the hour may appear, in reality we exist in a dimension of greater opportunity, greater freedom, greater possibility than has ever been. The challenge then is to not drop the ball, is to know this and to act on it and to slough off all the leeches and back-handlers and weasels and crypto-fascists who want to deny that." -Terence McKenna

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